Desire and Intentions: How to Advance the Implementation

The speed and quality of the realization of intention always depends on how clean it is. Take for example one of your desires. Think about it.

Imagine that your entire mental path to the realization of the desired is automatically recorded into a video file.

Technically, it consists of video footage, each part of that is either your emotion, associative image, doubts or concomitant thoughts …

It turns out, this video file is just longer as the more mental garbage you leave\have in it. Those video frames are secondary things to the main aim, at the end of which the realized desired event shines.

Got it?

And now, I think, it will not be difficult for you to do one small practice for yourself:

You will need a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

_________________________________________ <- write the ending of the video clip, i.e. your desire in the present tense.


Draw a few rectangles corresponding to the storyboard on the film. For a more visible result, I suggest to cut them out of paper.

Fill each cell-frame in with your thoughts, arguments, plans, emotions related specifically to this desire. One – for one.

When everything is ready, make a decision and consciously remove unnecessary cell-frames from your created movie.

Realize how much your video has been reduced?

What’s nex?

Now it needs to be published, let’s say, on Youtube 🙂

Everything is like in life: the more your movie affect the hearts (not logical minds) of other people, the more noticeable will be your creation, let’s say, to The God (?) …

More “likes” – more the stronger the vibration it has.

So, I hope you have got the principle of creating pure intent.

Let’s answer one more question: what happens if your video, instead of starting to float freely in the information wave space, will permanently be in the editing status in your head?


I give you a minute to think about that and the opportunity to make a couple of your own right conclusions from the information you have just received.

Marina K.

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