The most difficult period of self-development?

One day you will understand that the World does not need salvation or improvement.
One day you will see that your help to others is the play of your Egos.

One day you will just know that the best and safest action you can take is to stand by and watch the other person goes through his lessons and life challenges. The only thing you include will be your improvisation in the form of encouraging exclamations.
That’s just because you know: if you help him now, this person’ll stuck with the same lesson, but the level will be also more complicated.

One day you will look at a convinced vegan and quickly see his previous incarnation, where the one bloodthirstily broke the ridges of animals and mocked the pain.
You realize that his participation in rallies against the exploiters is just his working guilty out and posthumous decision “never again” made before.

The saddest thing is when suddenly you are ahead the most loved ones. At this moment, you learn to lose again and let them go.

Once you start to go crazy from the fact that once again you lose the old landmarks and the meaning of your life. You realize the senselessness of plans and aspirations, even if they are connected with your good intentions.
Psychologically, this is one of the most difficult periods of your existence here.

But the breakthrough’s been done, and you can not return to ignorance. You decide to relax and enjoy the process.
And it becomes your transition. To yourself. And to the answer on why you are really here for.

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