Самый верный способ предсказать свое будущее в карьере

I would like to share a miraculous technique aiming at predicting your future and the way your activities are sure to develop in a professional setting. Thanks to this technique, it is highly likely possible to estimate your professional activity in 3-5 years. How do you feel about it?

You do not need to go far afield into your past lives or your distant childhood. You are just to look honestly at your present. So easy and so difficult at the same time.

The secret lies in the following statement, “Where you find yourself in the future depends on the direction you are taking steps right now.”
Technique. An Experiment for a Week
I suggest you performing an experiment this week. Start documenting you spend your time on, and the reasons why you do various courses of action. If you’ve spent for hours on end poodling around the Internet write it down. I suggest you adding a kind of motivating statements sort of ‘killing time’ or ‘having fun’.

In order to make such an observation the way you are in charge of your time throughout the day you do not have to remember the day before or your activities of the previous week. Memory is a shady partner in self-analysis.

Take a notebook, define the most convenient way for you to fix the daily routine and make the first notes. Keep the notebook close at hand and make notes as often as possible. In five or seven days sum up all the notes. You will immediately be able to estimate how much time and what you have been spending it on. Check how much time it took you to talk with your friends, to read professional literature, etc. Please discover the most frequent or similar motives of your activity and count the time you have devoted to each of them.
As soon as the streak picture is ready you will definetely understand where you can find youself after a little while. Of course, you can say that things can change tomorrow and you will start running in the morning, learning a new language, giving lectures, etc. However the truth is nothing will change.

Your future depends on your present only in terms of your real steps you are making at the moment.
From my personal experience I can tell you that meditations, alternative planning, developing limiting beliefs, and problem reviews in current situations are of great help, of course, but it’s hard to expect any progress without making real efforts although oftentimes. No course will help you if you shift this part of your responsibility for your own life on any mentor or a coach or your close people and if you accuse them of whatever but subconsciously not for your own inferiority and casting off responsibility.
Nothing will change unless you start running in the morning, learning the language, giving lectures, studying any new information, establish contacts with the right people, etc.

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