About me

Hello! My name is Marina Kavérinskih

life-coach, certified specialist in past lives therapy and work with the subconscious, parapsychologist, medium, author of training programs for the self-development and an aware life style, guide to deep energy meditation practices. The founder and head of The School of AwareNess Development (RAOS).. 

The main theme in my work is the determination of the movement direction of the person in life, predestination, self-development, liberation from fears, doubts and limiting subconscious beliefs.

I love to light an internal fire in each person. I love to see his light in your eyes when you realize the positive changes you need..

During our cooperation, I not only force your brain to work in new way, but once you learn to feel your body and soul, learn to manage your attention and bioenergy. You master the skill of instant awareness of life situations from the perspective of the observer. Some of you can begin to anticipate the future. You can recognize the people with whom you can deal in advance. This gives you a distinct advantage when making important decisions and helps to avoid fatal mistakes.

In addition to the above, I help you to solve important global issues about the history of your soul, relationships with loved ones and cet. You activate your hidden talents. And even if you doubt abou the existence of past lives (which is normal, healthy skepticism never hurts anyone), you will have the chance to check this fact out on yourself.. 

Are you ready to discover new sides of yourself?

You are interested to go on a journey of self-discovery and find harmony with yourself and the world around you?

Do you want to awake the power of your spirit and become a true leader?

Ask yourself all these questions and take the right decision.


  •  I realized my predestination since I was a kid: I just taught my parents to live.
  • I quickly found out that all the difficult questions, such as “how to make a staircase for Barbie” and do plans for the future, you can solve in a dream. I shared that with the adults. In vain.
  • At my 6 y.o., It happened to watch the show of David Copperfield. The idea which impressed me most of all was levitation. I tried it and… experienced my first flight out of physical body. Sure I learned the previous lesson and didn’t tell about that to anyone.
  • While passing entrance examination at the technical university I handed the examiner a blank sheet of paper with a one single inscription: “I’ve changed my mind”.
  • Graduated from that University, then no one day spent working according my specialization. But now I know how to create websites, easy understand the-code-thinking-style of IT-guys and reprogramming the human subconscious. Yes, how do you think what was the principle they used to create the first computers..?
  • Won a grant for fashion artist studies, but for some srange reason chose an interior desig course.
  • 8 years 24/7 worked as an architect, and now can’t forse myself to hang the curtains at home or change the furniture.
  • Remembered childhood dream: trained as a psychologist, hypnotherapist, learned four languages, and even managed to defend the dissertation on the economics of entrepreneurship.
  • I have no idea where all these diplomas are now.
  • Immersed myself into self-development. I study magic as a science about the human life. Writing a book. No longer afraid of my power.
  • Absolutely not sensitive to the system authority.

Фотосессия июль 2017 

Marina Kaverinskih