Make Your Dreams Come True Using Your Mind Power: 7 Steps Towards the Goal

For years I have been hearing one and the same talks addressed to me regarding desire fulfilment, “Marina, you are the one I lknow who often gets it right what she wishes. That sort of fantastic events seem to happen with you only. Please tell me how you do it. How should I make wishes so that they come true 100 per cent?

Today I will lift the veil on the way our thoughts are realized. Putting this technique into practice for some time you will effortlessly learn to turn into reality and implement any ambitious ideas you have.

Therefore read carefully every word written below.

Well, my dear Magicians, let’s start clearing the illusions of the magical world away.

Step 1. Where Do I Start? With the Dream!

First of all, you should focus on and concentrate your thoughts on the so called ‘desire accumulation’.

How does it look like in real-world terms? You sit down and set you heart on somebody whose such-like dream comes true, for example, or it’s so much as somebody’s life style. It is important that your mind admits the evidence of this fact, and allows the ‘semi-product’ of your desire to go to the next step of manifestation but it should collect the data beforehand. That is ‘the Dream’. Please avoid to start blaming yourself for dawdle and tiddly-wink while making this step.

The mistake is to ‘fly too far away’ into your dreams and lofty thoughts completely different from the reality. For example, everyone in the world goes on foot now, and you want a teleportation mechanism to become available in a week … Such illusions remain you at the same point. You do not need to create step-by-step plans or think through all the details. It is important to get your thoughts together and start noticing that your wish is essentially real. Peace of mind comes together with this step.


Step 2. Detailed Image Building

Work with your imagination. You have collected the intake evaluation of the matter and have set yourself up for it. Now you should thoroughly think over the image of your wish, i.e. to draw a picture with the help of your imagination as if your wish has already been fulfilled.

Imagine that your desire easily works with your daily routine, it is quite common for you, and there is not any inharmony. Maybe some of you will have to improve the image of your daily routine but, please, do it peacefully. You should like it. As opposed to the desire from the previous step you should complete the image in more details. Think it over in such a way as if you need to draw it all on a piece of paper right now.

By the way, a perfect trick is to draw a vision board. Do you remember how little children do this? “Here is my Mom, my Dad, and I am here with a new toy…”  ))
The mistake is to fall in a temptation of your dream and to lose control in creating the image. So not your mood but You should control the image of the desire. Some thoughts like ‘ok just something like that is a mistake as well.

You must develop your imagination independent of the idea if your life style is connected with any creative work as it is or not. Even though you are neither a designer nor a creative agency director you just must be able to operate the images flashing in your mind. They are not a rubbish. On the contrary, they are important. These are mental road maps and stories of your own life recognized as subconscious programs. Usually we do not notice them since tons of images float in our minds responding to a word or a flavour so much.

The cure for the mistake is as follows. Please start drawing attention to such images of ubconscious programs and you will notice a lot of interesting things. For example, a few words in a statement you’re saying have passed before your eyes as images from the childhood or your favorite movie. You could compare it to the 25th frame effect.

Please read my article Desire and Intentions: How to Advance the Implementation to get more information on creating a detailed and prompt image and getting what you want quicker.

N.B.!!! Once you mean the situation regarding the moment of now, when you discribe it, you use words coming from your past and recorded in your subconscious as images. Every harmful subconscious program limiting your life is hiding here. By the way, I can suggest you working together on a one-on-one basis within personal coaching. However the offer is for those only who are in a serious mood for success and happiness ; )) In the meantime, let’s go to the next step and develop the basis ideas.


Step 3. Reviving the Desire

As soon as the image is ready you start informing it with your emotions, feelings, and mood.
How does it look like in real-world terms? You mentally ‘go into’ your desire and live it through for all it is worth. If you are dreaming of getting rich imagine as if you already live whatever you wish: feel the soft seats in your car, hear the banknotes rustling, ‘go into’ the beauty spa salon and feel your transformation. Live the already-existing image more and more deep through your own feelings and emotions concentrating on positive thinking, of course.

The mistake of the step is as follows. Your innermost unconscious arouses and your negative limiting beliefs appear. You may experience them as uncomfortable feelings, fears (to be happier, for example), or thought forms something like “oh, yes that’s all good but I will never get it“. What proves that the beliefs are doing their part in your life? It is that you still do not have the desired thing. Actually it means they do it brilliantly and for this reason your task is to turn them flank.

The cure for the mistake is as follows. You are free to operate any programs ’embedded’ into you as well as to create any new ones.

Reviving the desire is essentially making a such program.

So, if something like this suddenly comes to light please do not wave it aside and do not stop image reviving step but transform (draw again) the negative into the positive.

For example, if some fear occurs please become curios and ask yourself  “What if I can?”. If you start to feel sadness occurs locate a cloud of love or joy into this place of your desire image. As just as artists do. Yes, just image that you paint a picture which hangs on the wall. You can do some beautiful frame 🙂  

!!! If a fixed idea of the impossibility of something, or impropriety, or embarrassing appears in your mind it is necessary to ‘unfix’ this belief asking yourself the following questions:

What are the benefits supporting the belief up to date? What does it provide you with? Who does it enable to be for you? Where did you hear it for the first time? Is it possible to have a good and to be whoever you want without this belief? What are the results it has led you to?


Step 4. Affirmation

Affirmation is a strong positive statement composed by bright-line rules. The word literally means ‘to be harden.’ That’s why it’s only the 4h step! The things you have created on the Subtle Plane of existence on the previous step is being fixed thanks to affirmation. Oh yeah, you are a magician by now! ))
Practice. You are to make up your own affirmation based on your experience after you have filled the picture of the desire up with your own feelings and have lived it through.

Requirements to affirmation:
– it should be short, i.e. 5 sentences maximum;
– it must be picturesque;
– the “not” particle should be ruled out;
– the desire should be clear and univocal (i.e. the figurative meaning is to be excluded by all means).

An affirmation is usually to be concluded with the following words, “I let these words go away taking for granted that this statement has become true just a while back. And so it is!”

Take the wording seriously. It’s your responsibility to think over every word which is a real vibrating wave in fact. Just imagine you are wring a request to the karma managing executive committee. I mean it!

By the way, that is how highly successful people lay out their plans for the future and that is their way of thinking. Moreover, creates any spell of magic or gives sustained energy to a mascot has the same algorithm. This is one more veil falling down from the mystery of the word ‘magic’.
These are bare laws of human nature, and materia; ) Knowledge is power.


Step 5: Message and Relaxation

Practice. Place your affirmation in plain sight and read it aloud or in your head once a day and relax. As soon as the affirmation is said totally relax your body once again paying special attention to the rotator cuff as well as to the perineum muscles. Right here you feel the flow of energy penetrating into your body and passing it through from Earth spaceward. Figuratively speaking this step is considered to be sending a message into space with the benefit of a energy smoothly surging and passing through your body energy channels.

Possible mistakes and the consequences. Please be so much attentive relating to the ideas below as to the steps above. The matter is that psycho-energetic cathexis which is namely you deal with every day and even when you dream has the property of “getting stuck” in the muscles of your body. You can experience it when you find yourself in emotionally charged situations, for example, the back muscles become petrified, the throat is squeezed, the eyelid twitches, etc. So I need hardly say it is not only bad enough but it impacts you health in a direct way.
Positively charged emotions can also bog down in your body. In this case you are to set both your desire and the the charge free far beyond the physical body where the first one easily becomes material cooperating with the the Subtle World energies. For this to happen you have nothing to do but relax. In fact, sensitive people feel the very flow of energy appearing from the bottom up through the whole body. If you do not experience it is all right as it always comes with practice and eating lighter food. If you did everything right your heart feels peaceful and comfortable. Practice for a while..

Step 6. Positive Thinking

Until the desire has come true you must keep it in mind and focus on the circumstamces proving that your desire must necessarily be fulfilled and that you deserve it because …  Complete the statement by yourself..


Step 7. Silence Principle

Please do not share your desire with anybody as well as do not show any striving to make it real or tell about the ways and actions undertaken to manifest it. Follow this principle in order to maintain the inner attitudes and spiritual charge for the desire fulfilment.

The mistake is, for example, to yield to the temptation to share a great joy once the first shots come into your life. Such a storm can bring you down, face with misunderstanding to other people, and turn into spiritual bankruptcy. So at this step you can easily lose your desire.

As for me, for example, it often happened earlier that someone else fulfilled my desire. Maybe you know the feeling, don’t you? In fact, this occurs because your desire has passed through manifestation step but it “lost” any spiritual contact with you underway towards you, and the one who heard you rekindled your dreams and got lucky. This happens unconsciously. So if you do not want to lose your desire for anybody else, please, keep in mind and follow the materialization technique up to the very end.


Key Insights on the Desire Fulfilment Technique

Dear friends, wishes and desires should come true easier! We have been provided with all we need. The only thing you must do is to reach out it and to take into your hands.
It really works!
In this regard you do not have to carve out and take away the last thing your neighbor has. It is enough for you to study special techniques, and to make friends with your mentors from the Subtle Plane. They have their own interesting method of  application handling)))
Keep in mind that every miracle is inside of you. Indeed an ordinary person following the above technique is able to fulfil the desire within about 4 months.

Those who experience spiritual practices are able to make the desire real from a week to immediate implementation. It entirely depends on you and your open-mindness in the world perception.
Everything that prevents is you yourself.
Do you want to get quickly what you wish, or to make friends with your mentors with the subtle plan? Write me personally.
The first review session is as a gift!

I will kindly share my magical secrets to you.

Marina K.

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