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Welcome to my blog! Here I share wih you some useful information and techniques which can help you you to reach the maximum of your personal power.

The information I post on this site is the result of my own practical research and personal experiments done for several years. 

I am a Life Coach, a certified past-life regression therapy specialist, a psychologist, the author of several training programs for the superpowers and a conscious way of life.

I will be glad to become your guide to the world of Knowledge, so that you can create the events you need in business and private life in the near future.


«Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…
When the invisible becomes obvious, you can no longer return to ignorance…
The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible…»

Meditation, restoration, and the management of mental fatigue. Attention management. Anti-stress. Personal power increase. Bioenergy. Self-healing. Intuition. The natural development of psychic abilities.

Magical thinking. The ability to see the essence of the situation and come out of it as a winner. Liberation from the obstacles while achieving goals. Ways to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind. The power of thingking and creating life situations.

Activation of your deep memory. History and map of the soul incarnations. Predestination. Talents and abilities from past lives. Relationships&Karma. Guides and spirit helpers. Self hypnosis into your past lives.


Integral personal development for a holistic, happier YOU!

7-days preliminary course “My start point”

Especially for you I have developed a short video course. It will help you to immerse yourself into the practice of self-discovery. You will be able to put in order all the components of your life and understand why things happened the way they happened and what you should do with all these mess now. 

At the end of the course, you will have a clear plan to act and be prepared.Try it and feel the wind of change!

Main topics::

  • My roles: I’m now, I want to be… Your True personality
  • Deal with relatives and people around
  • Learning how to set goals and to formulate wishes
  • Activate and improve your memory


30 minues of individual counseling

Online meeting to clarify your life situation. I help you deal with all the “pros” and “cons” and to understand the causality of the situation. This is a very important step for those who decided to result in order his thoughts and feelings. 

  • Online meeting (Skype, Viber or Google hangouts)
  • Causes and consequences of the current situation
  • Step-by-step motion plan to address the issue
  • Magic energy kick to new life challenge

For every day: recipes to keep awareness, self-love and interest to the life

  • энергия
    Видеть энергию? Легко!
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    Мир - это энергия. Мир представляет собой бесконечное скопление энергетических полей. Они похожи на совокупность бесчисленных нитей света. Человеческое...
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    Мир Совсем Не Таков, Каким Мы Привыкли Его Видеть
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    Музыка мира: Как услышать непроявленную реальность?
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    Около девяноста процентов всей поступающей в наш мозг информации воспринимается при помощи глаз, но есть еще один интересный способ...
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    Привычка: Как освободиться от неосознанных шаблонов поведения?
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    Круговерть жизни несет нас по кругу, и может занести куда угодно, чаще всего туда, куда нам совсем не нужно....




“There are people you meet and your world change. I had a chance to meet an excellent specialist on my way.  I went through several schools, worked with professionals who were trained by the famous masters and I met the famous masters, but the result was hardly visible. After a session with Marina – unit the  experiences of my soul and transforming limiting beliefs on a very important topic for me, I became different, I just feel myself. And work with the subconscious when we removed the painful feeling of loneliness in me, or rather, we found it as freedom is a miracle. I am grateful to the world for a chance to meet Marina! I am grateful to the world for a chance to meet Marina! And Marina, many thanks for the light that you spread around you and for the high skills and professionalism!!! “ — Valentina P.


” I passed this kind of session for the first time. I waned to know the answers to my questions. First I was very afraid, because I didn’ know what I can expect and the novelty always scares me. But Marina prepared me, and told how it isabout the process. The session flew by in one breath, though even if i took 4 hours. I saw two my past lives and I learned a lot of useful information that helps me now. Marina, thank you so much, that you help me, direct me and not leave me in difficult moments of my life! I’m really glad I have met you!” — Anna L.

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